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How to Set Up Your Members Area and Get Started!

Official SHG Corporate Presentation (15 min)

Use this Official Corporate Presentation to show to people who you would like to refer so they can save and earn money just like you! This is not a guarantee of health, savings, earnings or increased credit score. All results vary.

GETTING STARTED.  After you have joined, set up your members area so you can get paid!
1.  Set up your Members Area / Commissions (3 min)
2.  How Commissions pay for your next month (Reserve Account) (6 min)
3.  How to Place a New Member in your Matrix. (1 Min)

Step 1. Sign in to your Members Area. Your welcome email contains your username and password.

Step 2. Click on your name at the top right and update your Profile, Contact Information, and Payout Preferences.

In the USA, you can choose to be paid by Payquicker Visa Debit Card or BitCoin.

Outside the USA, you can choose to be paid by Wise.com or BitCoin.

Step 3. Refer others and earn.

NOTE: You do not need to set up a Payquicker or Wise account until you receive a commission.

SHG will generate an email for you once you earn enough commissions. Then you click the link in t he email to set up your account.

Watch the 2 videos below and you'll be off to a great start!

SHG Training Videos

1. SHG Introduction Video
2. SHG Full Overview with CEO Steve Gresham
3. Compensation Training with Chris O
4. What Leaders Say about SHG... Integrity!

Saving Money Videos!

At SHG, it's our goal for you to start saving money in every way possible.

We strive to provide you with the best possible benefits included with your membership, and to pay you the highest amount possible for referring others so they can save money too.

Benefits may change from time to time as we find the best savings for you!

All services are provided by our partner companies, so always contact the vendor for support.

This is not a guarantee of health, savings or earnings. All results vary.

1. Save on 1 Million Hotel Rooms!

New, Bigger Travel Engine Launching!

We are currently adding an even better travel engine, expanding from 1 Million rooms to Millions of rooms!  Our CEO recently used the new travel engine at new 5 star hotel retail $349 a night, and paid only $149.

The new engine will be found in your members area shortly.

We will keep the current engine up through the end of January 2023, so be sure to log in and use any points you have accumulated.

You can use the points under the lifestyle tab as well to receive gift cards.  This message will be updated as soon as our new and improved travel portal is available.

2. Access Car & Home Insurance Savings!

Getting Your Car Insurance Quote is soooooo important. WHY?

Because one of the fastest and easiest ways for about 50% of Americans to save money is with our Home and Auto Insurance Discount programs.

Approximately 50% of people in the USA can save between $500 and $2000 on their car insurance.  Do not make the mistake of waiting. If you can save money on your car insurance or home insurance, this will give you an instant savings story to use to refer others.

And if you can't save on home and auto, no big deal. Remember if 50% of the USA can save with this, you have Millions and Millions of potential customers, and of course you can save on so many other things too with SHG!

Your Titanium Health Benefits!

1. FREE TeleDoc - Call Doctors 24-hours FREE!

Contact a doctor by phone or video conference 24-hours a day for FREE.

Get prescriptions and more. Save time and money with TelaDoc.

Access from your Members Area or by going to MyBenefitsWork.com.

Your SHG TeleDoc
program is available to you, your spouse or domestic partner, and children up to the age of 26.

Please note: In order for your dependents to have access to Teladoc, you must first add them under the “My Dependents” section of the mobile app or web portal.

Additionally, dependents over the age of 18 will need to be invited as a user of the mobile app or web portal so they can access their own Teladoc account to complete their Medical History before requesting a visit.

Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away—anytime, anywhere with a $0 visit fee for general medical issues.

With Teladoc, you can talk to a doctor by phone or online video to get a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription, if medically necessary.

Save time and money by avoiding crowded waiting rooms in the doctor’s office, urgent care clinic or ER. Just use your phone, computer, smartphone or tablet to get a quick diagnosis by a U.S. licensed physician.

General Medical Treatment for common medical issues such as colds, flu, poison ivy, respiratory infections, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus problems, allergies, urinary tract infections and ear infections.

10 minute average doctor response time.

Includes spouse and dependents — from children to seniors.

All U.S. board-certified doctors with an average 20 years practice experience.

Available in 47 States. This and other Titanium Benefits are not available in the states of Washington, Vermont or Utah because of discount program laws in those states.

2. Aetna Dental Access - Save up to 50%

Aetna Dental Access! Save up to 50% on most Dental Services!

Save on cleanings, X-rays, crowns, root canals and fillings.  Save on orthodontics and periodontics, too!

Access from your Members Area or by going to MyBenefitsWork.com.

Smile brighter with big savings at over 262,000 available dental practice locations nationwide.

Use your card over and over again to keep your teeth sparkling clean!

In most instances, save 15% to 50% per visit.

Save on dental services such as cleanings, X-rays, crowns, root canals and fillings.

Need specialty dental care? Save on orthodontics and periodontics, too!

Contact the provider to confirm participation in Aetna Dental Access®.

Show your card with the Aetna Dental Access® logo and pay the discounted price at checkout.

As of April 2020, actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area.

3. Save up to 60% OFF Vision Needs with Coast 2 Coast Vision!

Welcome to Vision Savings!

You Save 20% to 60% off prescription eyewear. Save 10% to 30% off exams! Save 10% to 40% on contact lenses! Save 40% to 50% on the national average cost of LASIK surgery.

Access from your Members Area or by going to MyBenefitsWork.com.

Our eyes are the windows to your health. Now you and your family can see better savings at over 20,000 vision providers nationwide, including national chains and local retailers.

Save 20% to 60% off prescription eyewear including most frames, lenses and specialty items such as tints, coatings and UV protection

Save 10% to 30% off exams.

Participating chains include LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, Visionworks, JCPenney, Sears, Target and more.

Schedule an appointment with a participating provider. At your appointment, present your membership card with the Coast To Coast Vision™ logo and pay the discounted total.

Call Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time for help locating providers

4. Save up to 85% OFF Prescriptions!

Welcome to Prescription Savings!

Save up to 85% OFF at over 60,000 pharmacies! Access from your Members Area or by going to MyBenefitsWork.com.

Save 10% to 85% on most prescription medications at 60,000+ retail pharmacies nationwide.

Participating retail pharmacies include Walgreens, Target, CVS, and many other independent, national, and regional chains.

Find the best deals by comparing prescription prices at participating pharmacies through your mobile app or web portal; then text or email the prescription price to easily cash in your savings at the pharmacy.

My Medicine Cabinet feature allows you to save your prescription search so you can easily refresh pricing for your next refill.

Even if you have insurance, you can present both cards at the pharmacy or research online to receive the lowest price.

To view savings on certain human/pet crossover medications, toggle to Pets in the price comparison tool

Home Delivery Discounts, powered by GeniusRx: Save time and money by getting discounted medications delivered directly to your door.

Search for your medications online and look for the “Home Delivery” option at the top of your screen to order your prescription.

Medications (with a confirmed prescription) are delivered with free shipping in 2 to 5 business days

Sovereign Indian Nations Health Insurance

Peace Of Mind Benefits

1.  DROP AAA with SHG 24-Hour Roadside Assistance!

24-hour Roadside Assistance! Get the peace of mind you need! 

Access Your Roadside from your Members Area or by going to MyBenefitsWork.com.

When you need help, call for assistance and provide your Code and Plan Letter you will receive in your MyBenefitsWork.com portal.

To receive assistance, remain with your vehicle until the service provider arrives.

Limit one service within 72 hours and five services per year.

Get Stranded? Our SHG Roadside Assistance is there for you and your immediate family to help with:

* Flat tire
* Getting Locked-out
* Battery Jump
* Collision
* Bring you fuel
* Bring you oil
* Bring you fluids and water
* And even towing up to $80.
* Available for you 24/7

Have AAA?  You can drop it NOW with SHG Roadside Assistance.

Plus you won't receive annoying letters in the mail every week!  Save Trees.

Save Time. Save Money with SHG 24-hour Roadside Assistance!

2. DROP Your Legal Plan!  It's included with TITANIUM and PLATINUM SHG Memberships!

Family Legal Plan INCLUDED with Titanium and Platinum Memberships! Drop your legal plan. Get More with SHG!

Access Your Legal Plan from your Members Area or by going to MyBenefitsWork.com.

Have legal questions? Get your legal questions answered by experienced lawyers at discounted rates.

Attorneys help with traffic tickets, bankruptcy, divorce, and spousal and child support.

Additional services are also available at no cost to you!

* One-on-one consultations
* Attorney-made phone calls
* Help with legal documents
* Assistance with welfare and INS
* Representation in small claims court
* And a Simple and Living Will

DON'T PAY $250 to $350 Per Hour EVER AGANI!

* Our Thousands of Attorneys charge only $125 an hour or 40% off their hourly rate, whichever is greater.

* 10% off all contingency-based cases

* You’ll be referred to plan attorneys based on location, language and area of law.

* Call Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time to find a participating attorney.

* Be sure to know the field of practice you require before calling

*In certain situations, attorney liability may require plan attorneys to ask for a retainer prior to providing some of the free legal services.

If you have a Legal Plan now, you can let it go because this is included with your SHG Titanium or Platinum Membership!

Available in all 50 States in the USA!