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SHG Leader Board! Who is ranking up?

Congratulations April 2022 SHG Leaders!

Leader Board updated 3-10-2022. When a name appears multiple times, it is because they have 1 position per socials security number or tax ID. Way to go. How high can you climb on the SHG Highway?

Minimum 15 personals with 1,000 in Team. A Special Congratulations to our first Platinum Senior Executive who will get the FIRST EVER SHG RING!

* Prosperity Highway Global
* PHG3
* John O
* Christina O
* Bill M


Minimum 12 personals with 500 in Team. Congratulations to our NEW Executive Trainers who are building a big long-term residual income.

* Prosperity Network
* Jacques J
* Jeb T
* Jorrick B
* Daniel K
* Marlena B

Minimum 10 personally referred active members.

Carolyn Che
Derrick Durwood
Jamal Jeb

Congratulations Leaders.
You Can Be Next!

News & Updates - April 15th 2022


Become a Titanium founder today. Log in and upgrade in your Members Area.


2. We have added new benefits for Platinum Membership. If you enrolled prior to April 5th, you can still get the previous benefits. You will also get the new Benefits.  

3. Our Next SHG Convention is in Atlanta, GA on June 18th. Get your tickets in the middle section of your SHG Members Area.

4. In the next couple of weeks, our new SHG APP will roll out. This is how Titanium Members will be able to access their Titanium Benefits.

5. We will launch our New DFY (Done For You) Marketing System in April 2022.

Thank you,
Steve Gresham, CEO.


The "7K" System is designed to help SavingsHighwayGlobal Representatives to earn up to $7,000 in monthly residual income in as little as 7 weeks when followed perfectly.

When you follow the system, refer 3 people and help them save money, and they do the same through 7 levels, your income will be approximately $7,000 per month.

Even if it took you an entire month to help 3, and it took a month for them to help 3, and so on... you could be earning up to $7,000 monthly in 7 months, which is pretty amazing for a $100 or $20 Membership.

Note: There are many ways to help your referrals save money. Car and Home Insurance are two of the fastest ones. You can use any of the benefits to help them save within the $7K System.

Your "7K" System shows a real possibility for you when you:

Step 1.  Refer 3 new members your first week and help them save money.

Step 2. Help them refer 3 new members the next week and help them save money.

Step 3. As this duplicates through 7 levels, your income can be up to $7,000+ monthly.

Great news. This is income based on only 7 levels, however as a manager with 3 personally referred active members, you can earn up to 10 levels, which provides exponentially more potential monthly income.

Making sure you succeed! Go the extra mile and help your team do the right activities.

Simple 3 step system...
a) Join
b) Save Money
c) Help 3 people join and save money their first week to repeat the process.

There are several great ways they can save money their first week. Make sure you help them find the ones that work best for them, and help them introduce 3 new members each their first week.

Want the easy script and Success System?  Download it for free here.

This is not a guarantee of health, savings or income.

How to Make $7K per month in 7 weeks.

The math works. Will you? How bad do you want it? Take Action Now!

This is not a guarantee of health, savings or income. It does accurately represent the amount of money you could earn by following the system.

Hurry, Print Your 7K System Documents!

SHG Marketing Resources

Memory Jogger
Who do you know who wants to save money, make money or both?

Most everyone in your cell phone wants to save money, make money, or both!

Who do you know?
Father and Mother
Brothers & Sisters
Aunts & Uncles
Nieces & Nephews
Owns a Business
Manages a Business
Works at a business

List you already have:
Current address book
Online contacts
Email addresses
Cell phone contacts
Holidays cards list
Wedding invite list
Child’s birthday invitee list
Business cards list

Social media:
Linked In

People you are close with:
Your best friends
People you work with
Church members
Hobby buddies
People with whom you play games

Those you do business with:
Auto Mechanic
Babysitter/Child care provider
Car dealer
Dentist (your kids too)
Doctor (your kids too)
Dry cleaner
Gas station attendant
Hair stylist/barber
Insurance Agent
Real Estate Agent
Travel Agent

Associations members:
Bus Drivers
Computer Tech
Children’s friends parents

Club members:
Country Clubs
Delivery person
FedEx/UPS Driver
Uber Driver
Lyft Driver
Leasing Agent
Minister/Pastor & spouse
Pet Groomer
Property Manager
Sports Team members (your kids too & their parents)
Non-Profit Organizers
Water Supplier
Retail Workers
People who work at the mall
Influential People in your town

Those you have been associated with in the past:  
Former Coach
Former Co-workers
Former Roommates
Former Teacher
People in your Home Town
Previous Neighbors
Military Cohorts
Retired Co-workers
Former Boss

Who Sold me my:  
Air conditioner    
Garage Door    
Business cards    
Cell phone    
Laundry machine    
Fishing license    
Hunting license    
Tires and Auto parts    
Vacuum cleaner    
Wedding items
I know individuals  who:
Are Actively looking for part-time job
Want to work from home    
Are Ambitious    
Are Enthusiastic    
Are Entrepreneurial    
Are Caring People    
Are Champions    
Are Fun & Friendly    
Are Fund -Raisers    
Are Goal Oriented    
Are Natural Leaders    
Are Organized    
Are Positive Thinking    
Are Self-Motivated    
Are a Single Mom/Dad    
Are Team Players    
Are Your Children’s Friends Parents    
Interested in saving or earning money
Don’t like their Job    
Has Been in Network Marketing    
Has never been in Network Marketing
Has Character & Integrity    
Has Children in College    
Has Computer & Internet skills    
Has a Dangerous Job    
Has Desire & Drive    
Has a Great Smile    
Has to Pay down their Credit Card Debt  
Wants to fix their credit    
Has Public Speaking skills    
Just Got Married  
Just Graduated    
Just Had a Baby    
Just Quit their Job or is Out of Work
Loves a Challenge    
Loves to Learn New Things    
Wants to Help their Spouse Retire  Early
Wants to Make More Money    
Wants More Time with their Families
Wants to travel the world    
Likes Vacations    
Wants to start a college fund    
Needs a solid retirement vehicle    
Wants to Work for Themselves    
Attends Self–Improvement Seminars
Who Bought New Home or Car    
Who Enjoys being around High Energy people    
Who Needs a New Car/Home    
Who Reads Self-Development Books
Reads Books on Success    
Watches YouTube    
Goes to the movies    
Pays for Insurance    
Buys Health Care    
Needs Health Care    
Wants to pay less for Insurance    
Wants to save on groceries    
Who You Like the Most    
Who You’ve met while on Vacation    
Who You’ve met on the Plane    
Who Your Friends Know    
Who Wants Freedom    
Who Wants to Go on Vacation    
Who Works Too Hard    
Who Works at Night/Weekends

I know Someone Who Is An:
Airline Attendant    
Alarm Systems Agent    
Army Officer    
Banking Professional    
Baseball Player    
Basketball Player    
Beauty Salon worker    
Cable TV provider    
Computer Engineer    
Dance Teacher    
Driver Bus/Cab/Truck    
Dry Cleaner    
Education Professional    
Environmental Scientist    
Film Industry Professional    
Fitness Instructor    
Food Services associate    
Football Player
Are in Fundraising
Furniture Salesman    
Government Worker    
Graphic Artist    
Health Practitioner    
Hospital staff    
Human Resources staff    
Insurance Agent    
Internet provider    
Interior Decorator    
Karate Master/Classmate    
Kickboxing Master/Classmate    
MMA Trainer or Fighter
Ex Pro Athletes
Kitchen Renovator  
Lawyer or Legal Assistant 
Leasing Manager    
Lab Technician    
Loan Officer    
Makeup Artist    
Massage Therapist    
Medical Professional    
Mortgage Broker    
Music Teacher    
Professional Band Members
Navy Officer    
Nonprofit Organization Associate    
Office Manager    
Party Planner    
Personal Trainer    
Pet Care Professional/Veterinarian
Physical Therapist    
Piano Teacher    
Police Officer    
Postal worker    
Property Manager    
Public Relations Professional
Radio Worker    
Recreation Therapist    
Railroad Worker    
Rental Office Agent    
Rehabilitation Specialist    
Restaurant Owner/Manager    
Shoe repairer    
Satellite Provider    
Skin Care Consultant    
Social worker    
Software Engineer    
SPA worker    
Sport Team classmates    
Tanning Salon worker    
Telecommunications worker    
Tennis Instructor    
Trade worker    
Travel Agent    
Valet Attendant    
Web Designer    
Yoga Instructor/Classmates    
Zoo or Theme Park Worker    
Hotel Employee    
Bowling Alley Worker    
Computer Worker    
Customer Support People

Webinars - Bring People and Build Big!

Opportunity and Training Webinar Schedule
We do 100% of the Presenting for You!

Live SHG Opportunity Webinars – Bring Guests & Grow!


1. SHG NIGHT Opportunity Webinars
Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday Night
9pm eastern, 8pm central, 7pm mountain, 6pm pacific
Live Zoom Webinar: MakeAndSaveMore.com


2. SHG DAY Opportunity Webinars
Tuesday and Thursday Day
12pm eastern, 11am central, 10am mountain, 9am pacific
Live Zoom Webinar: MakeAndSaveMore.com


3. SHG Success Training
Exclusive, VIP Members Only
SHG Training Webinars

Monday:  Get paid to lower business bills
Tuesday:  How to Save Money with the SHG Membership
Wednesday:  Platinum VIP Mentors Call Success Training
Thursday:  Platinum Executive Only Call

All Training calls are at 8pm eastern, 7pm central, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific

Get the links to SHG Members-Only Webinars in your Members Area.

Platinum Partners may receive email and/or text notifications.

SHG Calls and Webinars are not a guarantee of health, savings or earnings. All results vary.

SHG Training Videos


1. How to set up your back office and Payout Preferences (Required)
2. Reserve Account - How Commissions can pay for your Membership!
3. How to Order Your Tickets for our Next Live SHG Event!


How to save up to 20% to 75% off Hotels and Vacations with SHG!
How to use your Benefit Portal and Save Thousands per year!
How to use your $1,000 in Platinum Grocery, Dining and Shopping Bonuses

Once you join the Platinum Membership, email savingsglobal@gmail.com with your name, phone and username to request your bonus. USA can get Grocery and Dining Programs. Canada can get Dining only. This benefit is not available in other countries. Note: This is a limited time bonus for new members.


How to make $7K Monthly in 7 Weeks with SHG! Comp plan actually can help you become a millionaire!
Make $500 to $1,000 weekly with Your Lowering Business Bills - Platinum Partners get access to Full Training!
The 4 Types of Income you MUST HAVE to become Debt Free!
Titanium Compensation and Unlimited $1,000 Team Building Bonuses!


SHG PowerPoints

SHG News & Updates!

News Update:  March 10, 2022

What's new?

SHS is about to make more positive advancements including:

1. New Professional Credit Repair and Education with Amazing 7 Level Compensation.

2. Addition of 7 Level Compensation for Lowering Bills.

3. Addition of New $199 Titanium Package with more great benefits and double commissions of Platinum.

(Gold: Good)
(Platinum: Better)
( Titanium: Best)

4. Fast Action Bonuses to be replaced with Lucrative Team Building Bonuses for long term growth and duplication.

5. Great New Benefits that are in high demand will be added.

6. New DFY (Done for You) Marketing System with Landing Pages, 30-Day Auto-Responder Professional Follow-Up will be included with Platinum Membership

7. Refer all your top leaders and contacts now to build for massive explosions of income with more great memberships, lucrative contests, and powerful income producing promotions rolling out with SHG.

Check back here on the NEWS section for updates!


How does the "7 for 7" Program ($7k monthly in 7 weeks) work?

Step 1: Use the simple process to help 3 people save money in your first 7 days.

Step 2: Help them help 3 people save money in their first 7 days.

Step 3: As this duplicates through 7 weeks, your income will be $3,000 to $16,000 per month.

We average this from Platinum and Gold Members to produce approximately $7,000 per month in true residual income.

The key to the system working for you is that you help 3 people join withing 7 days, help them save money, then, help them duplicate the exact same process in their first 7 days.

This is not a guarantee of health, savings or income. All results vary.

Of course, if you do nothing, you will earn nothing. So if you really want to make $7,000 or more monthly, you must follow the system and get your 3 to commit to also help 3 people save money in their first 7 days.

How do I answer the statement, "This is a Ponzi Scheme, Scam, or Pyramid Scheme."

The answer is easy.  While they may mean well, they are uneducated about SHG. Yes there are many scams, ponzi schemes and pyramids. SHG IS NOT ONE. The answer is Feel Felt Found.

a) I know exactly how you feel.
b) I felt the same way.
c) But this is what I found.

This company is 16 years old and has an A rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
With their services they have helped people like us save hundreds of millions of dollars.
There's tons of real testimonials on their facebook page of people saving thousands per year.
And I've heard the CEO speak. He has a mission to help 1 Million people get out of debt. This company cares more about people than they do money. Bottom line, it's legit.

And with their 100% money back guarantee, isn't it worth a try to see if they can save you a few hundred or thousand dollars or more on your car and home insurance?

How long has SavingsHighway been in business and what are their credentials?

We opened in 2006 and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Through the Savings Programs in our Members Area, people have saved well over $200 Million, and we have paid Millions in Affiliate Commissions. Our mission is to help 1Million+ families become financially abundant by saving money.

What is available for International Members outside the USA?

Our featured International Benefits Include:
* World's Best Travel Engine ( 141 Countries )
* Shopping Savings Discounts (Available in some countries)
* Platinum Mentors Club
* Platinum Vacation
* Platinum Marketing System
* Progressive Income System
* Commissions by Visa Card we send you or Bitcoin
* Unlimited Income Opportunity

What is included with Platinum Membership?

+ World's Best Travel Engine
+ Employee Pricing Savings Portal
+ Platinum Marketing System
+ Platinum Mentors Club
+ Lowering Your Bills Access and Business
+ Health Care Access and Business
+ Savings Membership Business
+ Hotel Stay Giveaway Business
+ Priority Platinum Member Support
+ Platinum Tax Savers Club (Avg. Savings $3,000 to $10,000 per year)
+ Unlimited Income System
+ Platinum Vacation Program
Total Value: $10,000 to $20,000 per year.
All for only $100 per month! WOW!

How can I earn money as an Affiliate?

1. Refer others who purchase our Money-Saving Memberships.
2. Refer Businesses who use our "Lowering Your Bills" Program.
3. Earn on the efforts of those in your team.
4. Contests and Prizes.
5. Leadership Bonuses.
6. Corporate Profit Sharing.

If I choose to be an Affiliate, what is the cost?

Platinum Membership is $100 per month. Gold Membership is $20 per month. There is no additional cost to become an Affiliate. Just start your Platinum or Gold Membership now, and you can become an Affiliate at no additional cost to you. Let's get started!

If I choose to be an Affiliate, how will I receive my Commissions?

We pay commissions by our VISA Debit Card or by BitCoin.

It's your choice.

How to set up your PayOut Preferences:

Step 1: Log in to your members area

Step 2: Choose your "Payout Preferences" in your profile

Step 3: Once you earn a minimum amount to cover your next month's membership plus $30, we will either send you your new Visa Debit Card or pay you by Bitcoin depending on which option you chose.

How often are Commissions Paid?


We process commissions weekly on Wednesday. There is a 7 day hold from the time of a sale before commissions can be processed.


You make a sale on Monday the 1st. It will be processed the following Wednesday the 8th.

For all "Lowering Your Bills" and Health Care Commissions from the previous month, we pay commissions on one of the Wednesdays of the following month.

You can earn commissions every week as a Savings Highway Global Independent Representative!

How can businesses save money on their bills  including TV, Internet, Phone, Alarm, Satellite Radio, Pest Control, Merchant Accounts and much more?

"Lowering Business Bills"

Yes, we can help 90% of Businesses Save $2,000 to $20,000 on Average on their exact same bills.

How it works:

Step 1: Join as a Platinum Member.

Step 2: Refer businesses to get a Free Savings Review.

Step 3: Our team meets with the providers and re-negotiates the bills for the business.

Step 4: When the business pays their tax deductible fee, you earn 10% of their payment.

For example, when a business pays $5,000, you earn $500.  When they pay $50,000, you earn $5,000.

NOTE: Businesses may get their FREE Savings Review even if they have not joined SavingsHighwayGlobal.

The link is in your Back Office.

Can I sign up a minor (child) for a SavingsHighway Global Membership?

Yes, together, we're creating young Entrepreneurs. however the Parent or Guardian must use their SSN or Tax ID and take full financial responsibility for the account until the minor is 18 years old.

Step 1: Register the child or minor in their name.

Step 2: Log in to their back office.
( Note if you have logged into one back office and need to log in to another,  you must first log out of the initial back office.

Step 3: Enter your Tax information for the minor when logging into their back office.

Step 4: Enter the Payout Preferences in your name.

Note you CANNOT use the same email for our Payquicker Visa Debit Card more than one time, so make sure you use a different email in the Payout Preferences.

How can I log in to a Different Back Office Members Area?

It's easy Just sign out of your Members Area first.

Once you have logged-in or (signed-in)  to your Members Area back office, your computer will most likely remember your log in.

In order to sign-in / log-in to another members back office, you will need to first SIGN-OUT of your own Members Area. Do this be clicking on your name at the top right of your members area and clicking on "Sign-out".

Then you can sign in to another member's back office such as family member.

NOTE: SavingsHighway is not responsible for changes in made in a members area not owned by you. Never give your log-in information to someone else.

What are the main income streams with SavingsHighway Global?

1. Membership Commissions
2. Lowering Business Bills Commissions
3. Discount Health Care Commissions
4. Future products added to your Online Store

What is the best strategy to Maximize my income?

The best way to maximize your commissions is to occupy your first level of 3 positions in your 3x12 Infinity Matrix.

The most popular procedure for this is:

Sign up yourself as a Platinum Member  (you). Then from that new website you receive:
a) Refer your business (LLC)
b) Refer your child
c) Refer your spouse

So it will look like this:


LLC             Child           Spouse

Once you have referred 3 memberships, your position (YOU) will be upgraded to MANAGER and open up your Infinity Power Codes.

Your Spouse will be "Power-Coded" to you because they are your 3rd referral.

And every new member you refer from that point on will be "Infinity Power Coded" to you!

Remember, if you enroll a minor, you will take full responsibility for the account and enter your tax information.

Are there any long-term contracts?

No. Membership automatically renews monthly, and can be cancelled by email to savingsglobal@gmail.com with at least 3 business days prior to a renewal date.

What is the refund policy?

We offer a 7 day refund policy on new memberships, and no refunds on recurring memberships.

How can someone cancel?

Members may cancel at any time by emailing savingsglobal@gmail.com with:

a) the account name, b) username and c) reason for cancellation.

Cancellations must be submitted 3 business days prior to the renewal date in order to take effect in time and must be submitted from the same email address used in the account.

Note that cancelled accounts CANNOT be re-instated and all cancelled accounts lose all benefits, team-members / referrals and any pending commissions.

Is it possible to downgrade a Membership?

Yes, in the event you need to downgrade from Platinum to Gold, contact support by email at support@savingshighwayglobal.com. A minimum of 3 days prior notice is required for a downgrade to take place.

NOTE: If a member downgrades from Platinum to Gold, they will lose their points towards their Platinum Vacation Points and must start over again if they Upgrade back to the Platinum level. The Dream Vacation is a longevity bonus.

Is this a Platinum Business or a Gold Business?


It is definitely 100% a Platinum Business.

We introduced the Gold Membership to help people who may be having financial issues, so they can work their way up to PLATINUM.

A member may join at gold, start savings and earning, and their commissions will be used to upgrade them to Platinum once they have earned at least $300 in a calendar month.

It is best to start as a Platinum Member, however if a person is in financial difficulty, they can use the Gold Membership to get started and work their way up.

We do this so everyone can have an Opportunity to change their lives for the better with SavingsHighwayGlobal.

How can I contact support?

Email us @ savingsglobal@gmail.com

Or text: 706.450.4223.

You can also meet other members and get questions answered on our Free Facebook Group here


How can I access the PLATINUM VIP Mentors Club?

Join our Popular Platinum Membership!

1. Sign up as a Platinum Member, or Upgrade in your Members Area.

2. Send a request to join our PLATINUM VIP Facebook Group for Platinum Members @
> facebook.com/groups/savingshighwayglobalplatinumvips

3. Ask support for your Platinum VIP Members Secret Password for the VIP Only website in your back office.

4. Support will send you the password to access the VIP Mentors Club.

How much are people saving with SavingsHighwayGlobal?


* Our Travel Engine has saved members over $90 Million.

* Our Car Insurance Program has saved members over $100 Million.

* Members save BIG on everything from Groceries, to Travel to Shopping to Taxes!

* Savings are not guaranteed.

Many members save $5,000 to $10,000 or more per year.

It all depends on how much you use your benefits.

How much do Affiliates Earn with SHG?
What is the Platinum VIP Mentors Club?



Platinum Members Access Powerful Success Training and Mentoring Weekly!

Many of our Platinum Members feel this is the most important part of their Membership.

How Can I Upgrade My Membership from Gold to Platinum?

If you are a Gold Member, you can upgrade to Platinum in your Back Office.

Step 1: Log in at https://SavingsHighwayGlobal.com/plexum.php

Step 2: Click on (Add-Ons / Upgrades) at the top right of your members area.

Step 3: Make your payment.

Then refresh your back office to Instantly receive access to all Platinum Benefits, Mentors Club and Opportunities.

 You will also start accumulating your Platinum Vacation points.

We have paid out Millions in Commissions!

How much you earn will depend on how many sales are made by you and your team.

Your income potential is virtually unlimited.

How much do you want to earn?

How does the Auto-Upgrade System Work?

Our Membership all Platinum, however we help people who may be in financial need to start at Gold and earn their way up to Platinum.  

As a Gold Member, once you earn at least $300 in a 4 week period, we will upgrade your account to Platinum using commissions to do so.

Then you get all the benefits and Opportunities of Platinum Membership including The Platinum Mentors Club, Platinum Marketing System, 5-Diamond Vacation and all Platinum Opportunities.

What if my question is not answered here?

Contact support with your question. email savingsglobal@gmail.com or text: 706.450.4223.

BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER for the answers to your question.

Can I really get all of this for only $100 for Platinum or $20 for Gold?

Yes. We realize most companies charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for similar benefits, however our mission is not only to make the company profitable, it is to help everyday people just like you to save money and become financially abundant.

We have already created the system for you over years so that you can enjoy, save, earn, live a more fun and happy life without debt, and leave a legacy for your family.

Your Success is our

Our friendly staff is here to help.